Prize Winners


Prize Winners for the 2017/18 CRC Prize Giving are:

DH Blackie Cup for Sportsperson of the Year - 
Karen Verwey

Leighton Shield (Best Performance of any four/quad crew) -
Harrison Lynch, Fletcher Pearson-Riley, Carter Grey, Alister Jenkins, Bronson Clark, and Ruby Hosking (Cox)

CRC Novices Cup (Most Promising Novice Rower) -
Holly Williams & Madison Fuller (Jointly-Awarded)

Stephanie Foster Cup (Most Improved Female Sculler) - 
Grace Lewis

KIRS Cup (Most Improved Male Sculler) - 
Seth Hope

Griggs Points Trophy -
Briana Perry & Brooke Kilmister

Saunders Cup (Outstanding Oarsperson) - 
Samantha Voss

Graying Trophy (Most Helpful Administrator) -
Roger Watts

Green Cup (Best Performing Novice Eight) -
Samara Mockford, Fran Pollock, Aaliyah Brown, Holly Williams, Caitlin Huxtable, Siobhan Coulson , Millie Baker, Kari Loveridge, Madison Fuller, and Ruby Hosking (Cox)

Wright-Bourke Challenge Trophy (Outstanding four/quad crew) - 
Patrick Griffin, Jason Nel, Calum Henderson, Edward Clarkson, and Brooke Houston (Cox)

Most Improved Masters Novice
Kerryn Smith

Most Improved Masters Crew
Womens Masters Novice Quad (Lyn Dixon, Jo Walker, Tracey Burns, Cherryl Cunningham, and Kerryn Smith)

Best Club Spirited
Erin Jensen

Masters "Minties Moment"
Mark Gibb